Meet Alicia

Apart from having my daughter, my defining moment came six years ago when I lost everything.


The six-figure salary, the husband, the house, the car. I’m simplifying but the gist is I’d been living the way I’d expected I would growing up, and I wasn’t happy. I was a captive rather than experiencing life.


Since then, I’ve rebuilt after a loosing everything and lost 30kgs. I’m the 2020 ICG Australian life coach of the year, have written an Amazon bestseller and am finishing my first marathon in 2021.


All because I realised if I looked after my health, everything within my life and business would fall into place.


It’s what I now teach my global clients as the founder of Hervey Bay Coaching. I’m a life coach helping teenagers with anxiety and a business mentor using positive psychology to help entrepreneurs build their lives, businesses and leadership skills.


And with the success of my book Be Outstanding: Five Simple Steps to Turn Your Life’s Mess Into Success, I’m also an author mentor (yes, after failing high school English.)


That great job I lost brought me to where I am now. My background includes 20 years in childhood education working with multi-million dollar businesses. I worked my way up to operations so I understand structures, goal setting and benchmarks.


Most valuable of all, I understand people. Aside from business, fitness and coaching qualifications, I’m a former educator of the year with skills in action taking, finishing what I start and being a non-judgemental leader.


My clients are often high achievers who are at burnout. I teach them to slow down with self-care and habits before they speed up again. I show them what is possible and how to use the skills and strengths they may not know they have.


Then they become visible in the market while building confidence with their messages. One now has a client waiting list of 50 people.


I’m mad about community and charity work, running and new experiences. If you work with me, you need to bring what transformed my life—consistency. I’ll tell you what I tell partners and friends: Be ready for some fun and keep up with me.


Sound like you? Let’s connect. 


Fight for your worth, you are worthy!

Alicia Ann Wade