I Start My Day with Gratitude

Updated: Jul 1

Journal every day and see what happens to your overall wellness and wellbeing!

Welcome to another Gratitude Blog, here you will learn more about why I cultivate gratitude.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Voltaire

I start my day with gratitude. I begin each day with a feeling of love and thankfulness in my heart. I avoid the negative thoughts that bring my day down to a harmful level. I see each new day as a chance to say thank you to the universe. I count the blessings that surround me and fill my life. I appreciate the people who make my life easier and better. I am thankful for my friends and family every morning. I am grateful for my work, home, neighborhood and relationships. I see how others suffer around me, and I focus on peace. Gratitude fills my spirit, and my joy increases. I appreciate the five senses that help me experience this planet. I am happy I can connect with nature, people, and animals. My morning is complete because gratitude occupies my thoughts. I use my morning to appreciate my life and accomplishments. I reflect on my experiences and past. I make plans for the future to help my job and family. I focus on ideas that uplift all of us and help us reach new goals. Today, I begin my morning with gratitude and peace in my mind. I see how my attitude affects my entire day, so my morning is a time of reflection.


1. How can I find time during a busy morning to show gratitude? 2. How can I teach my family to stop and say thank you each day? 3. What can I do to banish the negative thoughts and experiences that can affect my mornings?