I am grateful for today.

Updated: Jul 1

Take the time out to give thanks for what you have, you will realise you have everything you need and will live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Welcome to my blogs on Gratitude! I will be posting more and more about gratitude and how it has changed my life and the more I delve deep to this practice, the more I want ot teach others how beautiful this practice is.

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Life is a gift and I am learning to enjoy every part of it to the fullest. Each day is a new and exciting adventure. Life comes easy to me, and I am excited about my future. I have so many great things on the horizon. I feel fortunate to have such an exciting future. Sometimes, I can feel a lack of gratitude for my life, but that feeling is over quickly. I remember all the things in my life that make me grateful. I smile and move forward with my day. I am very lucky for all the amazing things I get to experience. I enjoy my friends and family. I spend my free time in a way that pleases me. And as awesome as my life is, it gets better all the time. I have the power to make my life even better. I know that I control my destiny. It is easy for me to make positive changes to my life. Today can be the best day I have ever experienced. Today, I remember all the things that make my life wonderful. I seize the day and find new ways to make my life more fulfilling. I am grateful for today.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


1. What makes me feel grateful about my life? 2. How can I make my life better? 3. How can I improve the challenging areas of my life?