This is another gift from me to you. I have been visualising and manifesting all the things in my life for over 20years, really funneling what I want for my future and also setting goals for myself and really making them become a reality.

You want to paint a picture so clear so that you can achieve what you want in life. Because YOU matter. YOUR life matters and YOU should live a life on YOUR terms.

During the creation of this book and when I did my first vision board, I was asked in my community to create a vision board for the year, all the things that mattered. All the things I wanted to visualise. I have also done this for my many Early Childhood Services I have managed and it is amazing how quickly they come to fruitition. Each room of the Early Childhood Service visualising, creating images and then bringing it to life! So far everything I visualise has come to life! and scary part is the pictures are very much similar to what happens in life.

I know the contents of this book will help you and create the visions you want for your vision board so enjoy this process.



Visualise Your Future